Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pebble paintings

"Pebble Beach" Pastel on Richeson's black hardboard, 9X12''
"Fusion" Pastel on Sennelier la Carte 11X16" 
 "Illusion" Pastel on Sennelier la Cart 15X12" 
"Riverbed" Pastel on Sennelier la Carte 15X11" 
"Pebbles and Glasses" Pastel on Richeson Hardboard 9X12"
"Nature Loves Diversity" Pastel on Richeson Hardboard 8X10"
"The Flow" Pastel on Richeson's Premium Pastel Surface, 8,5X12''
"Beautiful Pebbles Pastel on Sennelier la Carte Miniature 3X4,5"


  1. Having walked a beach in Greece that had gorgeous pebbles of lovely colors, I know your subject. Your paintings of those pebbles are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I am glad you enjoy my paintings and that they bring you memories of your time here in Greece!